-The Artillerists Manual

Regulations under the Discipline Act 1870

Rifleman’s Manual

Instruction Drill for Rifle Corps

Handbook for the 0.45 inch Maxim Gun

Handbook for the 0.45 inch 5 Barrel Nordenfelt Gun

History of The Victorian Defence Forces Part 1

Infantry Drill (Pt. Musketry, Firing, Bayonet Instruction)

Manual Of Instruction in Signalling

Regulations of The Volunteer Force

Catechism on Squad & Company Drill

The Victorian Cadet System

Remarks in favour of a Central Fort in Hobsons Bay

Bayonet Exercise

Career of a Soldier

Regulations & Instructions for Encampments

Notes on The Victorian Forces

Military Defence Forces of the Colonies

Military Defence Forces of Victoria

Australian Defences & New Guinea

Regulations under the Discipline Act 1885

Defence of Australia

Victorian Naval Regulations (1893)

Nordenfelt 6 Pounder Quick Firing Gun

Instructions for Fitting Valise Equipment (1885)

Richmonds Early Military History

All the above are photocopies of original manuals. Contact the Secretary for more details.