About Us


We are a group that research and re-enact Victoria’s Early Military History.

Aims and Objectives:

  1. To research the history of the Victorian Colonial Infantry Regiments with particular reference to the
    Volunteer Rifles in the period 1865 – 1918, and particularly the Mt Alexander Rifles Regiment, West Melbourne
    Rifles, Victorian Scottish Regiment and 22nd Battalion AIF.
  2. To establish and maintain a living history group to recreate the the above regiments in the 1865 – 1918 period.
  3. To research and preserve the skills and attributes of the 19th Century Rifleman.
  4. To provide a resource to other historical organizations and the Community at large, and to support
    Victorian infantry regiments in preserving their history.


Membership is open, at the discretion of the committee to adults of good character. While prior military experience if helpful it is not essential, and all training is available. If you feel you can help us in our work in educating the public and supporting Victoria’s military history, please contact the Secretary or the President,